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MERRILY MOVES specializes in creating order — whether it be home organization, preparing for a move, decluttering, downsizing, or simply getting projects done. I understand that stuff is complicated and sometimes it takes a nudge from experienced hands to get it under control. 

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Featured in March, 2019 Parent Map. Take a look!



Nearly everyone agrees that being organized creates less stress and more time for the things you enjoy. However, it's also universally agreed that life is busy and getting organized can be daunting. MERRILY MOVES works with you to first identify problem areas and then implement realistic solutions that make sense in your space and your life. The only plans that work are those that are sustainable and intuitive, and that's what MERRILY MOVES provides.


Moving is among the most stressful activities a person or family can take on. In that frenzy, it's easy to forget that moving should be as much about taking care of the people as it is the logistics of moving possessions from one place to another. MERRILY MOVES can expertly manage the moving process to alleviate your stress and anxiety, reduce your exhaustion, and free you to be available for the rest of life's priorities.


Everyone has a "to-do" list... or three... or five. Sometimes those lists get a bit overwhelming. MERRILY MOVES is a capable trustworthy set of extra hands available to complete these tasks for you. Even a list of seemingly small tasks can have a huge impact on your mental well-being. If it's on your mind, then it's detracting from your peace of mind. Let MERRILY MOVES take these off your mental plate.


Packing and unpacking can be an emotional and decision-laden process, made all the more difficult because we lack the luxury of time. MERRILY MOVES infuses these processes with common sense, focused support to get the job done while still being sensitive to what's important in your life. MERRILY MOVES works to simultaneously minimize both clutter and upheaval, and does so without judgment.


“The best way to get something done is to begin.”

Author unknown

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