What people are saying


"Merrily helped me move my medical practice and she was outstanding! We met prior to my move, she took pictures of everything that needed to be moved and made a layout of where I wanted everything placed in my new office. She showed up the morning of the move and packed up everything swiftly and thoroughly, met the movers and made sure they packed it all.  At the next location she unpacked my office, set it all up and took the boxes and paper away with her when she left. I didn’t miss a day of work and she was a true lifesaver. I highly recommend her efficient and thorough services!"

– Amy Wells, ND



"We moved out of state in the middle of a remodel which made our transition really complicated. Merrily helped immensely by sorting, downsizing and packing our entire kitchen—a task that was too overwhelming for me at the time. She had wonderful suggestions for places we could feel good about donating surplus items to, in addition to making some stuff just go away. Without Merrily Moves I'm not sure how we would gotten it all done. She was so calm and methodical which made a really rough time SO much more manageable. I never felt judged or uncomfortable. Simply put, I just felt like we were in her expert care. I'd trust my life to this woman—she's realistic, thoughtful and gets the job DONE! (Not to mention just being plain great to be around.) I can't recommend MERRILY MOVES highly enough."

– Ingrid Stabb, Graphic Designer


"Where do I start with Merrily? Her brain just works in wonderful ways that mine doesn't. We moved from one house to another last fall, I don't believe I could have done it without her. She came into our home and helped us so much with our thoughts and organization. I also appreciate that she was honest with us, challenged us to make tough but good decisions about letting go of things that we really needed to. Physically, she used packing, labeling and boxing techniques which made it easy to process things when we arrived at our new home. Once we got to our new place, she helped us move in and make sense of our garage. All in all, she is a hard worker with a great organizational sense and a kind heart. I'm a realtor and I won't hesitate to use her again or refer her to clients. Thanks Merrily!!!"  

– Vince Decker. Real Estate Broker, Windermere Green Lake

When Merrily first started to help me, I was in a really tough emotional spot. My home had gotten away from me - piles everywhere - and I was discouraged because I could never make a dent in the chaos. I spent all my limited energy dealing around my piles instead of dealing with them. 

Merrily worked by my side to come up with organizational systems that work for ME. She broke everything down into small steps so I didn't get overwhelmed. She knew when to push me and when to give me slack. Now I know where everything is and there is a system in place that I just plug into. My space feels positive and so do I!

- Trev Foley

Merrily saved me when I moved in late 2017.  I was suffering from chronic, mysterious health issues, while needing to sort through and pack more than a decade’s worth of residing in my home with my 3 daughters, who were only 8, 5, and 1 year old when we moved in.  Moving always has layers of emotions, and this one had a few extra due to the circumstances.
Merrily provided exactly what I needed: 

  • She has the expertise and experience to know the moving industry’s standards and procedures. 

  • She works incredibly efficiently and diligently to make excellent use of her time. 

  • She seems to enjoy diving in to piles of stuff, making sense of them, sorting them, and packing them.

  • She is connected to a network of resources relevant when one is moving or downsizing.

  • She was full of presence, grace, and patience, and empathically knew how to best support me emotionally with a challenging process and time.

I continue to be grateful to Merrily and her skills, because she now continues to support me in a different capacity professionally. 

 As a kitchen and bath designer, my clients’ homes eventually get torn apart to accommodate the renovations.  Since I also manage the execution of a lot of my clients’ projects, assisting them with how they are going to empty their house to have their hardwood floors refinished, for example, eventually falls in my lap.  Merrily has managed and worked with my clients to pack and move the contents of the house into a storage unit and returns it all after the work is completed.  Her attention to detail is impeccable.

 Home renovations also seem to coincide with lifetime chapters, so often, sorting and purging is well accomplished during a remodel.  Merrily has a softness and sensitivity that makes this process non-threatening and easy.  She will work with you to help you determine what still brings joy and meaning to your life.  Merrily has shared this gift with my clients, which always gets the renovation process off to a beautiful start.

 Merrily Moves is one of those resources that I do not know how I did without before.  Both personally and professionally, I have referred her countless times and will continue to do so.  She is a treasure!

- emily lauderback design and color consultation