As we work together to identify items that no longer need to be taking space in your physical life, we will also note the method you would like to use for disposal. These methods vary based upon a number of factors, including the type of item and condition, the monetary value of the item, the item's sentimental value, and the cost of my time.

I take pictures of everything and provide you with a donation recommendation sheet for you to use when pricing your items for tax purposes. 


Art & Craft Supplies



Auctions are the way to go for items of value that you want some return on.

Merrily Moves takes pictures and sends these items to the auctioneers. If there is a large amount of inventory, the auctioneers  may also come to your house to do a walkthrough.



  • Rare or otherwise collectible books are taken to a local bookseller.
  • Childrens books are donated to our local schools.


Collections are generally best sold through auction houses, or Merrily Moves can find a specific collector interested in the items in your collection.



Items that are worth something but aren't high-value or antiques are good candidates for consignment shops, which take a percentage of the final sale price in exchange for the service of displaying and selling the item.



Electronics text.

Gold & Silver Jewelry and Household Items

If these items (household items might include things such as candlesticks, dining silver, picture frames, and the like) have no sentimental value for you, Merrily Moves sells them on your behalf for cash.



Outdated or unneeded prescriptions are taken to a local pharmacy for proper disposal.


Everything Else

Non-profit Goodwill is the default recipient for everything that doesn't find a better home, but Merrily Moves will also deliver things as you see fit.


Recipient Organizations

Additional information about the various organizations listed above can be found here. If you are aware of other deserving organizations in the Seattle area that you feel should be added to my list of potential recipients when I'm looking to find new homes for your goods, please feel free to let me know. My primary goal is obviously to get these items out of your space and off your mind. However, knowing that your items are going to places that will benefit others can provide you with an additional sense of well-being and perhaps even make it easier for you to part with things you are no longer using but are having difficulty letting go of.


Goodwill strives to enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals and families by helping people reach their full potential through education, skills training and the power of work.


Lutheran Community Services Northwest manages a large furniture outreach program for refugees.


Mary’s Place is a refuge for women and families that each day feeds, clothes, and shelters more than 700 individuals each day, with more 700 different reasons having brought them to one of our eight sets of doors.


The Phinney Neighborhood Association Tool Lending Library has thousands of tools to share with our neighbors. We also provide professional references and DIY advice.


Recovery Café is a refuge for healing and hope, helping countless women and men transform their lives.


Seattle ReCreative is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting creativity, community and environmental stewardship through creative reuse & art education.


Treehouse provides youth in foster care in Washington with academic & other essential support they need to graduate from high school & pursue their dreams.


Wellspring Family Services has been helping individuals and families experiencing crisis since 1892, just three decades after the City of Seattle was officially formed.