Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When should I hire MERRILY MOVES? For what sorts of jobs?

A. Any time you find yourself overwhelmed with the items on your to-do list, an upcoming move, a hall closet that's dumped all of its contents on your head one too many times, or dozens of other situations. Some examples of prime MERRILY MOVES situations include:


  • Design and implement storage / organization systems for your craft room, garage, clothes closet, den, kitchen, office, or any other space in your home.
  • Purge kids' toys and clothes, then organize what stays behind.
  • The dreaded garage clean-out! Unpack boxes, sort through contents, take things to hazmat / dump, prepare items for recycling / disposal, and store the items that remain into a usable system.
  • Organize home and professional offices, complete with systems to categorize and track financial documents.
  • Catalog financial documents to determine asset accounts for probate.

Move Management

  • Move a senior citizen (yourself or a loved one) into an assisted living facility.
  • Divide an estate and ship contents to several beneficiaries.
  • Be the owner representative for the moving company.
  • Manage POD delivery and permits.
  • Stage home with your belongings in preparation for real estate listing photos / showings. 

Packing / Unpacking Services

  • Set up your home after your move or remodel and remove the boxes.
  • Put house contents in storage for overseas sabbatical.
  • Hang your artwork after a move.
  • Pack / unpack items for people with dementia or reduced physical capabilities to reduce confusion.
  • Empty storage units.

Personal Assistant

  • Order and pick up shelving and storage items.
  • Meet repairmen, cleaners and contractors on site.
  • Take items to consignment.
  • Provide maintenance visits to avoid overwhelm relapse.
  • Filing and general administration to get you back on track.
  • Create customized emergency kits. 

Q. How does MERRILY MOVES differ from an organizer?

A. MERRILY MOVES provides a more hands-on approach to organizing. I help you unearth your living space to be able to use customized organizational systems that work for you.

For example, if the phrase "out of sight, out of mind" applies to you, I won't put your things in opaque boxes neatly arranged on shelves. Maybe the boxes are clear, or maybe there is no box. People vary, and so does organization!

Q. Isn't it kind of weird to have someone else come look through my house, my stuff and run my errands?

A. I admit, letting someone into your home to see your stuff can be intimidating. It can seem – and be – very intimate. Often times due to medical conditions or life in general, overwhelmed people just need help getting back to a living baseline that has gotten away from them. If I have learned anything, it is that people live their lives in many different ways. MERRILY MOVES provides non-judgmental assistance to help you reach the goals you have for your living environment. 

Q. What don't you do?

A. One of the ways I maintain my sanity – and yours! – is by only taking jobs that fit my strengths. Here's a partial list of the sorts of jobs I won't take on.

  • Estate sales - I can provide contacts for these services.
  • Garage sales - I love a good garage sale, but it isn't cost-effective for my services.
  • Large-scale house cleaning. I will tidy up as I work and provide referrals.
  • Any spaces involving weapons or pornography.
  • Unclean hoarder houses (no access to toilet facilities, hazardous kitchens, feces/urine, dead animals).